12-year old CEO of Mo’s Bows has already made $165,000

Mo's BowsThe inventor of Mo’s Bows was only 9 years old when he started his business in 2011. Fueled by the lack of stylish bows on the market he asked his grandmother to teach him to sew using some of the scrap materials lying around the house. Quickly, this turned into a family business, with both his mother and grandmother helping him source for fabrics, and manage his Etsy Store, Social Media profiles and distribution through local boutiques.  A huge selection of Mo’s Bows bow ties come from his granny’s vintage fabric, some that dates back more than 50 years!
So what’s he doing with some of the profits? This past summer he donated $1,600 USD to a local summer camp, which gave 10 kids an opportunity to attend camp. He comes from Memphis, Tennessee, one of the highest ranked cities of child hunger, and the camp ensures they not only get proper nutrition, but enjoy their summer as well.

What’s next for the young entrepreneur? Moziah plans to expand his collection to include pants, shirts and more. He recently ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 for a documentary about his life, and with 159 backers, it’s now in production.

Bridges’ suggestion to kids who want to break into the business world: “Figure out what you like and how to make money with it.” You can follow his adventures on his blog here.

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