Startup Ideas for Hong Kong

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18 votes

Public Air Pollution Meters

Put up air pollution meters all over the city. This can help raise awareness of health conditions of the city for the day.

17 votes

Gourmet Food Market

Every major city has a gourmet food market – Chelsea Market in New York, one by the piers in San Fran, and an old world-reknowned one in Toronto. Hong Kong needs one too!

13 votes

Battery Recycle

Build Better battery recycling programs for Hong Kong. Did you know that one cadmium rechargeable cell phone battery pollutes 600,000 liters of water? Hong Kong needs to solve this problem and fast.

13 votes

Prevent teen / child suicides

hk has a high number of kids commiting suicide because of pressure from society/parents to perform. What can be done to stop this?

9 votes

A social bar that offers healthy and non alcoholic drinks

Good for non drinkers as well as people underage

7 votes

Car Pool

Car pooling app

5 votes

Plant Edible trees

Hong Kong’s tropical climate is perfect for growing tropical fruit trees but few are available around Hong Kong. Why not plant them in public places and allow people to pick them when they are ripe.

4 votes

Matchmaker: Match idea creators with product teams

We all have great ideas. Some of us have skills and insight knowledge on the area. Why not match the two together and make great teams? Startup weekend gives you the opportunity to know more designers, developers but not people with ideas, business strategist or other professionals…

3 votes

Pizza ordering app

So many delivery companies, yet no efficient pizza app. The one that exists takes a long tims to load and doesnt even have a plain pizza option!

3 votes

Better supermarket ordering website

Those that have ordered from main supermarket chains know how bad the service is. There are always items missing, or items get substituted without notice. The websites have a poor searcg functionality. Someone, please launch a better system!

3 votes

More pet friendly places

Most parks dont allow dogs. Hk needs more dog-friendly area, restaurants, bring your dog to work days.

3 votes

Programs to harness students potential

So many programs on tutoring to get in university. The pressure on kids is evident with the rise on child suicide. I believe a program to raise awareness on alternative to university degrees as well as alternative education to help these students harness their potential will not only help students who don’t fit traditional education teaching methods but provide hope and tools to find a fulfilling career with their talents and expertise.

2 votes

Youth Activities Exchange Platform

Our young generation nowadays have been living under huge academic pressure from their parents, schools and our society. The amount of time that they spent on their school works have been exhausting them from looking for activities outside of their study. It would certainly make their lives easier if we could provide a platform where they can look for activities to do according to their interests and their schedules. This platform would ,hopefully, keep them away from the ridiculous academic pressure temporarily while making the activities targeting to youth more accessible to these teenagers.

1 vote

Public Deodarant Sprays

Parts of Asia are crazy humid, wouldn’t it be nice if there were public deodarant spray stations to freshen up? Would particularly be good in public places like Disney park where people are rushing around with kids and waiting in long lines in the sun.


Imagine you have a great spot in a coffeeshop but you have to go to the bathroom. Or you’re in line at a supermarket and have to grab something else. SaveMySpot would tap into the power of the crowd to help you out. Perhaps you can tip the person helping you or earn credits for all the good deeds.

Restaurant Grading System

Many major cities adopted a “grading system” for restaurants so that customers know if a restaurant is sanitary in terms of handling food, and not having any insects or mice. With so many restaurants in Hong Kong, there needs to be better system in place to know how clean a restaurant is.

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